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Who are we?

Knittex Qld Pty Ltd is privately owned Queensland (Australian) company. Today, Knittex' manufacturing and administrative facilities are based in 1 Hasp Street, 17 Mile Rocks.

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Company's history

Knittex has been family owned and operated business since 1978. Knittex started its operations in Europe as knitting business that manufactures jampers, pullovers, cardigans, blouses, dresses and shirts. Following year it vertically integrated forward into retailing. Knittex' major customers were tourists from Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), France and Germany.

Due to personal and business reasons, Knittex has moved to Australia in 1996. In 1997, it has established its manufacturing facility at Stafford and in April 2002 it moved its operation to a new factory at 1 Hasp Street, 17 Mile Rocks. Since 1997, Knittex has developed large base of loyal customers, some of who are big names in the textile industry.

Knittex started its Brisbane operations by manufacturing collars, cuffs and bands, which are still large part of our production. Since then Knittex' operation expended into related businesses such as knitting fabric, socks, webbing, cuffs and nylon tapes and providing knitting services.

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Knittex' specialty

Knittex has specialised into manufacturing knitted products, such as collars, arm bands, trims, fabric, socks, webbing, cuffs and nylon tapes. Knittex also provides knitting service.

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Our staff

Personnel of Knittex have more than three decades of experience in this industry. Thus, our customers have an opportunity to talk to real professionals and get all questions answered regarding the technical aspects of a business. Our staff can also give you suggestions and help you solve your problems regarding cutting, sewing, needles, machine gauges etc.

All these advices are free of charge and they are just small part of our commitment to our customer. One of our latest efforts to increase your satisfaction is the development of online catalogues. This is just on of extra service that we have developed for our customers.

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Mission statement

Knittex is committed to satisfy customer needs by providing them with products and services of high quality and competitive prices.

It is also committed to become industry leader in Australia in providing knitted products and services and to become the first and the biggest on-line provider of these products and services.

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Action steps

Knittex is committed to achieve its mission and total customer satisfaction. Knittex will achieve this
  • by manufacturing its products from the highest quality yarn bought from the brand named yarn suppliers and dyers
  • by applying Total Quality Management (TQM) practices in every aspect of Knittex' operation. This will ensuring that only highest quality products reach its clients at the competitive prices
  • by increasing range of products and services that we provide
  • by customising all products and services according to you needs
  • by encouraging customers to be more involved in our manufacturing process and provide us with their feedback
  • by constantly updating our web site and informing you about it.

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Last Updated on 19 October 2002.