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What does Knittex do?

Knittex Qld Pty Ltd can provide you with high quality knitted goods such as knitted collars and trims, fabric, socks, webbing, cuffs, nylon tapes and knitted services.

Collars and trims

Knittex is manufacturing all type of knitted collars and trims
  • Plain
  • Striped
  • Jacquard
  • Jacquard - custom made (corporate logos, names, symbols, etc. - please, refer to sample page 1 and sample page 2)
All collars and trims are made of the high quality polyester/cotton yarn (65%/35%). This ensures their durability and colour fastness. Pure cotton and nylon collars and trims are available on request.

Customers can choose their collars and bands to be knitted in the combination of maximum of five colours from the range of 80 different colours that we have currently at the stock. This colour range is constantly increasing and more colours are added on a customer request. Please, view our current colour range.

Standard collar size is 40 cm long and 9 cm wide. Standard cuff size is 40 cm long and 4 cm wide. However, these dimensions can be customised according to your needs. Kids' sizes are also available.

Minimum order is 20 collars and 20 bands.

Knittex has the biggest production capacity in Queensland for making collars and trims and the turn around time for all orders is one to two days.

Collars' ends are hand finished, not cut, in order to ensure high quality and durability of collars.

Knittex can offer you jacquard collars and cuffs in more than 150 different designs. Customers can choose collar in any of these designs.

As an additional customer service, Knittex is allowing its customers to modify any of the existing designs, free of charge. Knittex is also allowing its customers to design their own collar or choose collar in the design that is not in our catalogue and the design cost is free of charge.

Please, view our existing catalogue of collar design.

At Knittex you can also get customised collars and cuffs, which can incorporate logos, letters and other promotional symbols. This is done free of charge for orders of 100+ items or repeat orders. Please, view some of our previous work on sample collars pages.

At Knittex you can get striped collars and cuffs. The striped collars and cuffs are completely customised to your requirements and they are free of set up costs or any additional hidden charges. Please, view some of striped collars and cuffs.

At Knittex you can get plain collars and cuffs in any of the 80 different colours from our colour range.

Knittex holds large range of collars and trims at the stock and they are on sale for up to 50%.

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Knittex can provide you with high quality fabric from both flat and circular knitting machines.

Knittex manufactures fine rugby fabric (300 grm/m2), which is ideal for school uniform shorts, rugby jerseys or high quality polo shirts.

This fabric is knitted on 14 gauge circular knitting machine and it is made of high quality polyester/cotton yarn (65%/35%) bought from brand named yarn dyers. They also could me made out of "cotton richer" polyester/cotton yarn (45%/55%). Width of the fabric is made according to customer requirements, usually that is 160cm.

Knittex knits fabric from already dyed yarn, thus fabric is not dyed after knitting or after making it into a garment, which ensures higher quality of fabric itself (it has the highest colour fastness).

Fabric can be knitted in a wide range of colours. Furthermore, we can introduce new colours to our colour range on your request. Colours of fabric identically match colours of collars that we can knit for you.

Knittex also carries fabric on a stock, with a width of 160cm and it is available in following colours: bottle, navy, maroon, sand, khaki and black.

Knittex also knits cotton single jerseys, slab single jersey, slab rib and cotton rib.

Also stripe fabric is available, unfortunately we are not able to carry any of it on a stock because of the diversity of sizes of stripes.

After knitting, the fabric is finally stentered at Logan Textiles.

Prices and turn around time of our fabrics are highly competitive.

Please, contact us to find out more about our fabric.

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Knitted socks

Knittex is making high quality knee-high socks that are custom made for schools, social clubs and sports clubs.

These socks are made of high quality cotton/nylon yarn (60%/40%) bought from brand named Australian dyers in order to ensure its comfort and durability.

Socks can be knitted to be plain or with stripes and in the near future they will incorporate logos and lettering.

The socks are available in following colours: bottle, navy, black, grey, maroon, white, royal and red, and more colours are coming in the near future.

Prices and turn around time of socks are highly competitive.

Please, contact us to find out more about our socks.

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Knittex is knitting polyester/cotton (65%/35%) and nylon webbing with different thicknesses and widths, depending on their purpose.

Most of our webbing is done for strengthening jerseys. Webbing ensures high durability of jerseys and high resistance to its tear and wear.

Webbing is done continuous and it is sold per meter.

Webbing is available in wide range of colours.

Prices and turn around time of our webbing are highly competitive.

Please, contact us to find out more about our webbing.

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Knittex is knitting cuffs for long sleeve polos and jackets.

These cuffs are done continuous. They do not need to be sewed on a side, which eliminated bulkiness on a forearm of a wrist of the cuff and reduces sewing cost.

They are made of high quality polyester/cotton (65%/35%) and nylon yarn bought from Australian brand named yarn suppliers. Furthermore, cuffs are very springy, so they return to their form immediately after stretching.

Cuffs are available in variety of colours.

They are sold on kilogram and approximately 16m of cuffs come into 1kg.

Price of cuffs is very competitive and turn around time is 1-2 days.

Please, contact us to find out more about our cuffs.

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Nylon Tapes

Knittex knits nylon types that are custom made for nurseries and landscape suppliers.

Nylon tapes are made of high quality nylon, which makes them

  • stretchy and gentle on the plant
  • strong enough to support the plant
  • durable and resist to harsh Australian sun.

Nylon types are available in different sizes. They come continuous and they are sold by meter.

Price of nylon tapes is very competitive and turn around time is 1-2 days.

Please, contact us to find out more about our nylon tapes.

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Knitting services

Knittex also provides its customers with knitting services on flat and circular knitting machines for a fee.

Customer has a choice of providing us with their own yarn or using our yarn.

Please, contact us and find out more about our knitting services.

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Last Updated on 19 October 2002.