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Dear Customer

At Knittex Qld Pty Ltd we value our customers and when we provide you with wide range of knitting products and services, we provide them with great customer service thanks to our: Thus, you have huge benefits of doing business with Knittex Qld Pty Ltd.

Professional staff

Knittex is staffed with personnel who have more than three decades of experience in this industry. Thus, they are capable to answer all of your questions promptly and correctly. Also, this gives our customers an opportunity to talk to real professionals and get all questions answered regarding the technical aspects of a business. Our staff can also give you suggestions and help you solve your problems regarding cutting, sewing, needles, machine gauges etc.

Furthermore, we encourage our customers to work very closely with our manufacturing staff in order to ensure that products that customer orders is completely tailored to their personal needs and delivered on time.

All these advices are free of charge and they are just small part of our commitment to excellent customer service.

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Mass customisation

Knittex is capable of providing its customers with wide range of products each of them tailored for the particular need of a customer. Thus, customers are able to choose product to be made in specific design, in the specific colour or combination of colours by choosing colours from our big colour range. Furthermore, a size of the product could be tailored specifically to customers' needs without extra charge.

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Short turnover time

Knittex is also committed to continuous reduction of turnover time. Knittex is going to the extent that none of our competitors dare in order to ensure that customers receive their orders on time and in record low time without compromising quality.

At the moment Knittex has the biggest production capacity in Queensland in manufacturing collars and trims for polo shirts and all our orders are finished within 1-2 days.

This and our commitment to achieving excellent customer service has attracted large base of loyal clients and forced our competitors to change their names and incorporate word "fast" in it, but that alone does not improve their turnover time.

The best way to prove our service to you is for you to give us a chance and try us by sending us an order today.

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Large choice in the mode of goods shipment

Knittex' preferred mode of transport is either Courier Please or Australian Post. However, at Knittex customers can choose whatever mode of goods' transport they prefer.

Also, at Knittex customers can decide which party to the arrangement will organise the delivery.

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Payments provisions

Knittex' regular customers receive 30-day credit, if their application for credit gets approved. This allows our loyal customers to better manage their funds.

Payments can be made either by posting a check or by directly crediting Knittex' bank account. The choice is made by you.

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Benefits of doing business with Knittex

Answer to this question could be summed in one sentence: "we are family owned and operated business". Thus,
  • Knittex will complete your orders quicker than anyone else in the industry. We even go to such an extend that we stay after hours, so your urgent orders can be done in record low time with no extra charge.
  • Knittex is providing sampling free of charge to its regular customers like none of our competitors.
  • Knittex is providing on-line catalogue that is updated on the regular basis, therefore, its customers can get new designs before their competitors.

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Last Updated on 19 October 2002.